I started my product career in consumer companies, in the fields of pharmaceuticals and personal care brands. For many years I defined specifications, which are called “ingredients” when working with physical products. Often, I’ve been asked whether there is a difference between defining specifications for physical, “offline” products and online…

You probably saw in the last few months my articles about my #CustomerConversionChallenge. I’m obsessed with converting customers inside my products! Or, if I want to be more accurate, how to convert them into paying customers, and to create cross-sell opportunities. My most significant product conversion optimization happened when I…

Customer Conversion Challenge- Pocket

First, I would like to thank you. I received so many replies and great feedback from last week’s weekly #CustomerConversionChallenge on Lemonade that it really inspired me to continue to challenge myself on amazing products and brands.

So, It’s time for the weekly #CustomerConversionChallenge, and this week it’s on Pocket

When we were an early-stage startup (in my previous startup) we had no other way than being marketing hackers that need to find disruptive ways to grow our product, bring more users and convert them into paying customers.

And when I’m talking about a marketing/growth hacking, I’m talking about hardcore…

Here’s how we gained 20,000 users in three weeks while being a bootstrapped startup

No, I’m not selling you anything and I’m not giving you a crazy headline and not tell you the whole story. I just want to share with you how we gained 20,000 users in three weeks…

Unlock Your Product- Keren Raviv

Entrepreneur @heart. Love disruptive growth hacking! http://linkedin.com/in/kerenraviv

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