Customer Conversion Challenge: Lemonade

Starting this week, I’m going to challenge myself with the weekly #Customer Conversion Challenge. It means that I will choose an amazing company/brand/product and challenge myself to increase their customer conversion rate by adding simple changes. It doesn’t mean I’m absolutely right, it’s just my perspective, and if you think to yourself OMG what is she doing, please let me know that :)

This week I chose one of my favorite companies, Lemonade. It’s not just that they have an amazing product and that their vision combines social impact, they also fought Deutsche Telekom on their pink, you can Google it or read the full story on their Linkedin page, but I can tell you it was a really justified fight!

With Lemonade, it was really challenging since their onboarding process, and the user’s journey is straightforward and intuitive. However, still, I think I found something that could help clear a bit of the uncertainty during the onboarding process and improve the customer conversion rate.

As you can see in the screenshots below, this is the flow from a mobile perspective. The users enter the home page (screen no.1) and almost immediately starts the process of receiving a quote for their insurance (after pressing the “check our prices” button). It’s a good thing since the users have an immediate call to action. Please remember the home page (1); we will go back to it later on.

Then the users are going through a serious of questions ( screens no.2,3,4), they don’t know their journey yet, but they’re receiving focused questions so they can get the confidence that the platform understands their needs.

Of course, these are not all of the screens; it’s just samples. After the users answer the personalized questions according to their status, they are going through a screen (screen no.5), which I think is really important! And it’s the key for the users to gain more confidence in and from the platform. Screen no.5 specifies the parameters that the platform (and engines) are using in order to calculate the insurance price. This screen disappears a bit too fast, and I couldn’t find a way to go back to it, and I think it’s definitely an important screen. After that, the users receive the insurance quote (screen no.6) and are ready to move forward.

I’m going to focus now on screen no.1 and 5 for my challenge since I think these are the main keys to increasing conversion.

Below is screen no.1, the home page from a web perspective. As I mentioned above, the users enter the home page and almost immediately starts the process of receiving a quote for their insurance (the pink button), which is a good thing!

I think that if Lemonade would add a link to the parameters that formulate the price calculation (remember screen no.5?) from the home page before the users’ start their journey, a high percentage of the uncertainty from the unknown process would fade away. I’m mainly talking about first-time users. Take a look at my suggestion below, I removed the “watch the video” link below the pink button (the video link could move elsewhere), I added a link to the calculation process before the users start- “How do we calculate your insurance price” that they could go back to it from any place of their journey. In my opinion, it adds to a more clear process, with high resolution of transparency of the process. High transparency= higher confidence= higher conversion rate.

Do you remember screen no.5? Below is the screen that the users end up after pressing the link to the calculation. It reflects all the parameters before the process begins. Just ignore the design of the changes, I’m not a designer, I’m from the growth/product side :), it’s just to emphasize my point.

Conclusion: I could definitely tell you it was challenging. The greatest minds are working at Lemonade, and as I mentioned in the beginning, the product is very intuitive. But I think that the changes could contribute to a clearer journey that could increase the conversion rate.

If you have any ideas or challenges for me for next week, let me know! I’m curious.

I hope you received value from this article.

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